​Where to Find the Best Thai Food in Las Vegas

Are you in Las Vegas and wondering where to eat you favourite Thai food? Worry no more; here is an overview of a popular restaurant where you will be treated to your favourite Thai dishes. Lotus of Siam, well known as the king of Las Vegas Thai food. Gourmet magazine once referred to the restaurant as "the best Thai restaurant in North America, "Well, they were probably right. Lotus of Siam has earned attention from countless national media outlets because of the outstanding and authentic food they offer.

The Thai food in Las Vegas  restaurant made some adjustment back in 2014 when it did away with the buffet feature. Visit the place in the middle of the afternoon to avoid long queues. With a 12-page menu of over 150 choices ranging from noodle dishes to Northern Thai specialties and classic curries to signature Lotus creations, you can't eat these dishes in a single visit. Therefore, if you will be in Las Vegas for a while, you can see to it that you taste these delicious dishes by making repeat trips to the place.

Before you visit the place, it is in order that you read this first. Dinner reservations are recommended, during peak hours, the lines can be uncomfortably long. Waits can be up to 2 hours. It will be advantageous calling at least a day before. Their menu is long and varied; it is advisable to look at the every section, including the Chef's Choice and Thai, which comes after the dessert menus and may go unnoticed. You are able to pick spice levels on most dishes; the range is normally 1 to 10. The higher scale of the range is meant for a few people who can handle concentrated spices of Thai food in Las Vegas .

There are individuals who order at range ten while some can only manage to order at level three. The choice is yours; however it is worth noting that the food is surprisingly good that even when it has your oesophagus flaming and your nose sweating, trust me, you will be determined to finish eating. The 12-page menu which takes almost half-an-hour to read can be quite confusing with so many great choices, and all tempting. A new Thai restaurant seems to open up in Las Vegas almost every week. Additionally, it is estimated that Las Vegas has over 200 Thai-themed restaurants. Thai food is reasonably healthy, and it's delicious. All in all, Lotus of Siam serves very delicious Thai foods; visit the place to have a taste.

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